Steeldogs give a big welcome back to Bradfield Brewery

Bradfield Brewery are proud to be once again sponsoring the Sheffield Steeldogs for the 2019-2020 season.

Roger Williams provided the below article on confirming the continued support.

Everyone at the club is very happy that we go in to the 2019/20 season once again as the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs.
Our partnership with Bradfield Brewery goes back over many years and this will be the seventh season they have been our title sponsor.
Based at Watt House Farm in Lower Bradfield, Bradfield Brewery have been making award winning beers since 2005. The business has grown since then, with their beers now available at pubs across South Yorkshire and beyond. The shop at the brewery offers the full range of ales and for those wanting to enjoy a fine pint in a relaxed environment there is The Nag’s Head in Loxley and the King & Miller in Deepcar – lots of opportunities to enjoy the best beer in Sheffield.
Steeldogs coach Ben Morgan is clear on the bond between the club and the brewery;
“The Bradfield Brewery has become synonymous with the Sheffield Steeldogs. It’s fantastic welcoming John, Sue and the whole Bradfield Brewery family back onboard – they have been loyal to us for years. The players are very respectful of the everything they have done for us over the years and they feel privileged and proud having the name on the front of the jersey. We are a local team, we pride ourselves on local players and to have a local company ties in with everything we are all about.”
John Gill, owner of the Bradfield Brewery, likes the connection between the brewery and the team;
“I enjoy being a part of the Steeldogs family because you see passion out there in the ice, plenty of local lads going out there to play for that badge on the front of the jerseys. We just want to get behind this team and see where the season takes us. We want to watch those quality games each weekend and promote the Steeldogs alongside our brand and of course get both names out there.
“We really like the direction of the club since Ben has been in a coaching capacity – there is more energy within the club. Last season really made us enjoy our Steeldogs hockey experiences and the prospect of the new league structure is exciting. We will be seeing far more competitive games and seeing the team test themselves against the best week in, week out. It would be good to see even more new supporters come and follow the team – we saw several new faces last season who began to come back time and time again.”
Steeldogs co-owner Roger Williams welcomes the continued connection;
“John and Sue really love their hockey and it’s great to have title sponsors who are such fans too. The brewery is such a success story and over the past couple of years that has rubbed off on the team and hopefully we can share more of that this year. We are thrilled to have them onboard for another season as they do feel like a part of the club, a real part of the Steeldogs family. Having them along as we celebrate our tenth season is very fitting and we thank Bradfield Brewery for their continued support of the club.”

Bradfield Brewery Back as Title Sponsors for Sheffield Steeldogs

Bradfield Brewery are extremely pleased to announce that will be returning as our Sheffield Steeldogs title sponsors for the 2018/19 season.

Bradfield Brewery have supported hockey in Sheffield for many years and first became title sponsor for Sheffield Steeldogs in 2012, a partnership which continued for five years. Having worked with the Steeldogs for so many years, everyone at the club is excited to have us back on board as title sponsor and they look forward to another season as the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs.

John Gill at Bradfield is happy that the brewery logo will be back on the front of the Steeldogs jerseys; “I’m pleased to be back on board with the Steeldogs this season. We have been following hockey for a long time now and the Steeldogs are back to the basics of looking after the kids in Sheffield and we would like to think we are putting something back into the hockey community.

Bradfield Brewery“I’m really looking forward to having a good season. Ben has put together a cracking team and the club is really progressing. Ben has proven that he is the man for the job – just look what he did last year in his first year of coaching. At the beginning of last season nobody quite knew what to expect with being in a new league, but as the season progressed you could see that the team were going to be successful and that is down to Ben and his coaching. He managed to get the best out of people on the ice. It’s not always the best team on paper who win, it’s the ones who work as a team and work together and it was great to see the Steeldogs claim the title in the final game of the league season”.

A blushing Ben Morgan shared the thoughts of everyone at the club; “Having Bradfield back on board is like a home from home signing. I told a few of the guys and they were thrilled that John and Sue were coming back because we know everyone here, they are very much part of our Steeldogs family. It’s a testimony to how the club is moving forward and attracting a high calibre of title sponsor like Bradfield – it’s great to be the Bradfield Brewery Sheffield Steeldogs again”.

For further details of the 2018-2019 Sheffield Steeldogs campaign, isit their website here.