Farmers Kerry Stout, 12 Month Barrel Aged, Limited Edition Available Now!

The original edition and the 6 month Barrel Aged edition of our Kerry Stout went down a storm and the 12 month barrel aged edition does not disappoint! This is now available from the Brewery shop, while stocks last! £12 per bottle.The 12 month barrel aged edition of this Imperial Stout has been aged in Speyside Whisky barrels. Blending after 12 months has created an Imperial Stout with flavours of Oak, Vanilla, Liquorice & Spciy Whisky, backed up by roast coffee & chocolate with a warming finish.1,000 individually numbered bottles, have been hand bottled & wax sealed by our Brewers Sam, Kieran & Bruce and will be exclusively available to purchase from our Brewery Shop.For the 6 month barrel aged edition of Kerry, the original Kerry Stout was aged in Jack Daniels and Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Speyside Whisky Barrels.Blending after 6 months of aging created an Imperial Stout with flavours of Oak, Vanilla bourbon and Spicy Whisky, backed up by roast coffee and chocolate with a warming finish. 8.0% abv.

Belgian Blue Launch 2020!

That most wonderful time of the year is drawing nearer and with that comes the launch of our popular Christmas Ale, Farmers Belgian Blue!

The first pints of the ‘official’ 2020 Brew will be served from our 3 Brewery Pubs on the 29th October.

Whilst some things are very different this year, our traditional festive tipple will remain very much the distinctive winter brew that many look forward to!

Farmers Belgian Blue will then be available in 5litre Mini Kegs from the Brewery Shop from Friday 30th October, with it then being available for delivery to pubs in cask from Monday 2nd November.