Event Date: 29 May 2024

Farmers Belgian Blue is returning for 2017!

The first Pint of the 2017 brew was served over the bar at The Nags Head at 4pm – drawn out of the pumps by Owner of Bradfield Brewery, John Gill.

This mouth watering seasonal ale has celebrates it’s 12th Christmas this year and each year, the demand for this festive ale keeps on growing. Last year saw over 400,000 pints of Belgian Blue brewed, up from around 350,000 pints the year before!

So for a taste of this unusual brew with a tint of Blue – get down to the Nags on 26th October, for 1, 2 or a few! #holidaysarecoming

Belgian Blue is now available at the Brewery Shop in 5litre Mini Kegs and Bottles.

It will be available in cask from Monday 30th October.