Event Date: 19 Jun 2024
Our 5000th Brew – Coming to you – This September!

Whilst we’ve been busy running the covid curveball gauntlet, we have not forgotten an all important Milestone coming our way! The 14th of September saw our 5000th Brew take place and we hope you’ll agree, that’s something to celebrate.

Now usually we’d all just be saying ‘lets put a do’ on’, but let’s face it, we shouldn’t really be encouraging crowd gatherings at the moment so we’ve thought of a different way to mark the occasion!

This momentous brew will be celebrated with a 24 hour brewathon which will take place on the 24th September, and we’ll be live streaming the event for all to enjoy! Brewers Sam, Bruce and Kieran will begin the Brewathon at 5pm on the 24th and finish at 5pm on Friday 25th September.

With our seasonal calendar being turned upside down, we had planned for a brand new Brew in May this year, using our very own, home grown hops. Not wanting these hops to go to waste and with the milestone brew coming up, it lended us the opportunity to go forth and deliver!

So with our homegrown hops included, the brew will be made using 5 different hops, 5 different malts and if you’ve not guessed it, the beer will be 5%abv.

And now you’re thinking, what’s the charity, where should I donate? Well here’s the thing, we’re not asking you to donate a penny, this one’s just for fun and will leave your pockets alone! But we’d still like you to be involved so we’ll be live streaming the whole thing for you to join in at any time.

Whilst we can’t invite so many to come and have a drink with us, that doesn’t stop us getting a round in! So to complete the celebration, we will be giving away 5 celebratory gift packs which will include a mini keg of our 5k Brew. Further details on how to be in with a chance to win to follow!