It’s not every year we enter into a new decade so we’re celebrating with a brand new brew!!

An idea for a new brew was formed when the brewers were having a light hearted discussion about 2020 should be the year for crystal clear beer, like crystal clear 2020 vision. The idea for the pump clip was aptly formed with the brewers then putting their thinking caps on for the recipe!

Farmers 2020 Ale will be available from the 13th January – ideal timing for all those participating in the #tryanuary campaign! A light pale medium hopped beer was the brewer’s choice for this new brew, which we believe will be a big hit with our Farmers Ale fans!

Starting the year off with a low abv beer has always been a Bradfield Brewery trait, this year being no different with our first seasonal ale being a modest 3.5%abv.

The beer will be exclusively available at our 3 brewery taps from Friday 11th January before being available in cask to other outlets from Monday 3th January.