The Brewery is still open, we are continuing to brew and our shop is able to remain open to visitors during Lockdown 3. We are brewing to keep stocked up on bottles and mini kegs and we also have some availability in cask.

We are still offering a home delivery service for our pre-packaged products to Postcodes within the ‘S’, ‘DE’, ‘DN’, HD & some ‘SK’ regions. If your postcode isn’t listed please contact us. A minimum spend of £60 applies to home delivery orders. Orders will be delivered within 1-2 days of ordering. Please call the office to place your Home Delivery Order – 01142851118.

Please see below for current availability and prices for our Bottles & Mini Kegs.

For Cask Availability, please give us a call on 01142851118.

Permanent Range

Farmers Ale

Farmers Bitter
Abv: 3.9% Available all year round in 9g cask

A traditional copper coloured malt ale using the finest English hops to produce both a floral and smooth aroma but still having a sharp finish.

Available in 9 gallon cask only

Farmers Blonde

Farmers Blonde
Abv: 4.0% Available all year round

This award winning, very pale brilliant blonde beer has citrus and summer fruit aromas making it an extremely refreshing ale.

Available in 9g Cask, 11g Keg, 500ml bottles & 5 litre Mini Kegs

Farmers Stout

Farmers Stout
Abv: 4.5% Available all year round

A dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout balanced by ploughing through roasted malts and flaked oats with a subtle bitter hop character.

Available in 9 gallon cask, & 500ml Bottles.

Vanilla Stout Now available in 5 litre Mini Kegs


Farmers Pale Ale

Farmers Pale Ale
Abv: 5.0% Available in 9g cask, 500ml bottles & 5 litre Mini Kegs.

A distinctive fruity pale ale, well balanced with a powerful floral bouquet, full-bodied and a predominantly dry aftertaste.

Available in 9g cask, 500ml bottles & 5litre Mini Kegs.

Farmers Brown Cow

Farmers Brown Cow
Abv: 4.2% Available all year round

A rich deep chestnut coloured ale, with a beautifully smooth creamy head. A citrus aftertaste gives way to a long dry finish.

Available in 9g cask, 5litre mini kegs & 500ml bottles

Yorkshire Farmer

Yorkshire Farmer
Abv: 4.0 Available in 500ml bottles

A gold coloured beer light on the palate with a smooth bitter finish.

Now available in 500ml bottles.

Seasonal Range

Farmers Irish Dexter

Abv: 4.8% SOLD OUT

A deep red coloured ale with a malty, sweet flavour and a dry finish.

Farmers Plum Bitter

Farmers Plum Bitter
Abv: 4.4% SOLD OUT

A deep rich reddish coloured smooth on the palate beer with tones of plum fruit finish.

Bradfield Ye Olde English Ale


A light copper coloured traditional English ale. Full bodied with a citrus and spice aroma leaving a long dry aftertaste.

Farmers Cruci-Bull Ale

Farmers Cruci-Bull Ale

An amber coloured best bitter, well balanced malt and hop flavours, leaving a distinctive aftertaste.

Farmers Blueberry Ale

Farmers Blueberry Ale

A refreshing malty session ale with fruity, spicy overtones and a not too unusual blue tint to the head!

Farmers Cherry Beer

Farmers Cherry Beer
Abv: 4.2% SOLD OUT

A light on the palate beer with a hint of cherry leaving a dry aftertaste.


Farmers 5K IPA

Abv: 5.0% SOLD OUT

Our 5000th Milestone brew, brewed using 5 different hops, including one of our own homegrown, and 5 different malts to create a well hopped, nicely balanced 5% IPA.

Now sold out

"Our 5000th Milestone Brew! "

Farmers Jack O’lantern

Farmers Jack O'Lantern Ale
Abv: 4.5% SOLD OUT

An amber coloured, lightly hopped  ale, complimented by a sharp dry aftertaste.

Now sold out.

Farmers Poppy Ale

Farmers Poppy Ale
Abv: 4.3% Sold Out

A light coloured fruity ale.

10 pence from every pint sold is donated to the Royal British Legion.

Sold Out

Farmers Belgian Blue

Farmers Belgium Blue
Abv: 4.9% Available now in 9gallon Cask & 500ml Bottles

The ever popular Belgian Blue is usually reserved for the Christmas Season however as Covid-19 has turned everyone’s lives upside down, we thought we’d try and cheer everyone up with a ‘one off’ spring time brew!!

Belgian Blue is now available in 9gallon cask & 500ml bottles.

5 litre mini kegs now sold out.

Farmers Steel Cow

Abv: 4.5% Available all year round in 9g cask

A unique fruity full bodied beer, with a burst of citrus and summer fruit aromas, creating a refreshing ale with a sharp dry aftertaste.

Available in 9g cask

Farmers Sixer

Farmers Sixer
Abv: 6% Currently available in 500ml bottles

A strong lager type ale, light straw coloured with the use of a delicate hop to give a fruity pleasant refreshing finish.

Available in 500ml bottles.