First a Decade Beer – Now a Decade Horse!

June 11, 2015 | Posted in: News

Bradfield Brewery has welcomed to the farm their very own  Shirehorse foal, which has been named Decade, to celebrate the company’s decade in business as a brewery.

Mum Claire gave birth to the foal on 21st May, now at 3 weeks old, Decade is being hand reared by the Brewery Farm, after Claire developed post birth complications and sadly passed away, despite veterinary treatment.

Presently the Gill family are of mixed emotions – excited to welcome Decade to their family but also saddened to lose Claire, who has been at the farm with them for nearly 4 years. Lisa Moat commented, “We were delighted on the arrival of the foal but were quickly worried for Claire as she deteriorated rapidly following the birth and despite immediate veterinary assistance, there wasn’t anything we could do to save her. We are now putting all our energy into ensuring Decade has the best possible start in life.”

The Brewery farm is home to two other Shirehorses Merlin and Lilly and one Percheron named China. Coming to Bradfield Brewery on semi-retirement, all horses spend their time in the fields eating grass and munching on brewers grains!

The name Decade was chosen by the Gill Family from over 150 suggestions made via the Brewery’s facebook page, following news of the foal’s arrival being posted.


Decade's first visit to the Brewery shed!

Decade’s first visit to the Brewery shed at 3 Weeks Old!

Decade finding his feet!

Decade finding his feet! Just 1 week Old!