Bradfield Brewery support Sheffield Steeldogs for Forth year running.

May 24, 2016 | Posted in: News

Named the ‘Best title sponsors in the league’ Bradfield Brewery have agreed a title sponsorship return for another year with Sheffield Steeldogs.

There have been many changes for the Sheffield Steeldogs over the past year and this title sponsorship deal is great security for the Sheffield based Premier League Ice Hockey Club.

The deal will see Bradfield Brewery featuring on the 2016/17 season shirts and players will again receive Farmers Ales as the Man of the Match beers – something which will go down well!

John Gill from Bradfield Brewery has been a fan of hockey and the Steeldogs for a long time and he is pleased to be continuing the relationship; 
“We’ve been involved with the club for quite a while now, initially as a sponsor before we became title sponsors and the team have always provided great entertainment. We are looking forward to an exciting season; it’s like a clean sheet. Last season Woody had a team just about already made for him, we had the new ownership coming in part way through so this will be the first full season under the new owners and hopefully we are going to keep on going in a new direction. I’m hoping Woody can lead the boys to a few more wins in the shirt too.

“As fans we saw a big improvement last season, we had some good runs at times. There was still work to be done but we could see the improvement. The new owners were still settling in and had a tough job to begin to turn the club in a different direction. It’ll be good to see everyone working together, on and off the ice, from the start of this season and see how we go. We hope to see more of the entertaining hockey we saw last year and that people come out and support the club. Hopefully we’ll see some more great characters coming to play for the Steeldogs, the kind of player who can really excite us. Woody has lots of good ideas so let’s wait and see – we can’t wait for September!”

Steeldogs co-owner Ali Cree knows what great support Bradfield bring to the club and that their involvement means more than just a logo on a shirt;
“Bradfield have a long history of supporting ice hockey in the region and it is very clear how much the team means to Bradfield. They show many similarities to us as the owners in terms of where we want the club to go on and off ice.

“We are very pleased to be able to continue working closely with everyone at Bradfield Brewery for the upcoming season – and from the start of the season rather that midway like last year. Taking over the ownership in November was a tough challenge with all the obstacles we faced however having time to catch up and build on sponsorship partnerships this off season has been very much needed. Sue, John and everyone at the brewery are great examples the partnerships which will help the Steeldogs”.

“Welcome back to all up at the brewery – we look forward to seeing you down at iceSheffield when the season starts.”