Blueberry’s Out For Summer!

July 30, 2015 | Posted in: News

The Blueberry Ale has been released!

For anyone who cannot wait until Christmas for the famous Belgian Blue, this is one to try! A lighter equivalent of the popular Belgian Blue, Blueberry Ale is a perfect summer drink.

Blueberry Ale is a refreshing malty session ale with fruity, spicy overtones and a not too unusual blue tint to the head!

Available from the Brewery Shop in Mini Kegs, £17 each of two for £15.

Our Brewery Tap – The Nags Head at Loxley have it available in cask to try on the bar, casks are being delivered further afield, check out your local ale house to see if they have it on the bar!

Blueberry Ale

Blueberry Ale