Belgian Blue Rears Up Again For Christmas 2015!

November 11, 2015 | Posted in: Events, News

Christmas has arrived early for Bradfield Brewery fans – Belgian Blue is available once more!

Every year since it was first produced in 2005, this seasonal ale has grown in popularity and this year is gearing up to be the best yet! Farmers Belgian Blue is a 4.9% ABV ale with Christmas berry overtones and a slight blue tint to the head, making it a well loved and distinctive winter warmer.

This year’s first barrel of Belgian Blue was available at The Nags Head, our Brewery Tap, on Thursday 29th October and 150 pints flew over the bar in just over 2 hours!

Farmers Belgian Blue was first created in 2005, the year Bradfield Brewery began operating. Head Brewer Paul Ward, who continues to develop mouth watering ales for Bradfield Brewery, came up with the brew following his ambition to introduce something truly unique into the cask ale industry.

With the idea for a unique taste, Paul shopped around for the best tasting ingredients and many were tried before he settled with the winter berries. In the style of magical wonderland, these berries created the amazing taste and texture he was looking for, as well as looking stunning with its velvet colours and a truly unique blue tinted head.

The name of the festive ale was an obvious choice, following on with the Famers Ale theme and naming our ales with different cattle breeds – the Belgian Blue breed sprung to mind and there it was born – Farmers Belgian Blue.

Belgian Blue